Will Draw… is an annual fundraiser led by Brooklyn-based graphic design studio, OrangeYouGlad. Each year, talented, generous artists donate their time and unique skills to create art to benefit a local charity. For 2013, artists are gathering  in Brooklyn on June 21st and 22nd to draw for Animals! Donations will be directed directly to B.A.R.C (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition) via the fundraising platform www.gofundme.com. They will be accepting donations starting June 1st.

How does it work? On the day/s of the Draw-a-Thon a group of artists gather together at OrangeYouGlad’s studio in Brooklyn, NY. Each donation/request is drawn by one of our artists (selected at random). Drawings are live tumbled as they are produced.

Artists! They are now accepting request to join us as part of the artist roster. If you are interested please drop them a note  (space is limited). Also please note, you have to be NYC local and able to come by the day of the event.