One of the most important articles you’ll ever read is by Glenn Greenwald, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of New York Times best-selling books on politics and law.

In his latest expose for The Intercept_, Greenwald outlines why nonviolent animal activists like the recently apprehended Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissanehave (who liberated mink from fur farms) have been labeled and prosecuted as “terrorists”, yet murderers like Dylann Roof, the racist, church shooter, have not been deemed “terrorists”.
This latest federal prosecution, and the public branding of these two activists as “domestic terrorists,” highlights the strikingly severe targeting over many years by the U.S. government of nonviolent animal and environmental rights activists. The more one delves into what is being done here — the extreme abuse of the criminal law to stifle nonviolent political protest or even just pure political speech, undertaken with tragically little attention — the more appalling it becomes. There are numerous cases of animal rights activists, several of whom spoke to The Intercept, who weren’t even accused of harming people or property, but who were nonetheless sent to federal prison for years. – The Intercept_