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Air travel is the worst way to get from here to there if you’re concerned about your carbon emissions, and the airlines are not stepping up to the plate to mitigate their impact. Each of the airlines rated at Responsible Shopper has been downgraded in the environmental category due to membership in the International Air Transport Association, which has aggressively lobbied against plans for carbon emissions trading systems and other attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of global climate change.


Think those baby carrots you toss into your grocery cart are adorable, portable, and free of the hassle of having to peel? Think again bunny babies. Those bite-sized nuggets are hiding an ugly truth behind their seemingly cute façades, kinda like that one night stand from College who wanted to pee on you.

Ever notice that your baby carrots seem to spend an awful long time hangin’ out in your fridge without even a hint of decay? That’s because these “healthy treats” that you throw in your kids’ lunch boxes every day, and enjoy at your office desk with some lovely hummus are dipped in bleach!

10 WAYS TO SAVE SOME SERIOUS MONEY are free not to spend. You’re not obligated to spend money on things you cannot afford. Throwing a BBQ? Make it a potluck. Another friend had a baby? Buy him this super cute gift set for $19.99 — not the $130 infant swing. It’s okay to not be able to afford something. In fact, in 2009, dare we say it’s chic to be frugal. Hip to be strapped.


Jack, Chrissy, and Janet at the Regal BeagleWant some dried blood powder with that pitcher? How ‘bout some fish bladders to go with that glass of wine? No? Then listen up because you may have to worry about more than that unfortunate one nightstand when you head out to get your buzz on…especially if you prefer seitan to cow flesh.