The Opposite of Journalism, Clubbing With Iggy & Supra Duper Shoes

• Heaven forbid that Americans should have a clear understanding of how meat gets to the table. New laws in Iowa and Florida criminalize undercover investigations into livestock production and are a serious threat to challenging how we treat animals on farms. Listen to NPR’s four-minute piece on this:.
So let me get this straight – the livestock industry is allowed to create completely fictionalized, idealized imagery and storytelling surrounding their industry (this is called advertising) depicting animals happily roaming quaint farms – but if we actually document the truth about what’s happening on these farms, it is criminal. Isn’t this the opposite of journalism?  The animal livestock industry is so powerful and there is so much money at risk if people could see how these animals live and die that they would make it illegal to access the truth? Ridiculous, scary, and worth getting loud about.

The only way they should be able to do this is if, as a trade-off,  they install live, 24 hr surveillance cameras in every area of their operations and broadcast them for anyone to view on the internet.

• These edgy, canvas, rubber and textile high-tops from Supra are on sale at GILT Groupe for about half-off. Gilt is invite only, so click here to join.

Sky Top II High Top SneakersMuska Skytop SneakersThunder Hightop SneakersTK Society High Top Sneakers

• Peta is awesome. Iggy Pop talk’s about Canada’s shitty club scene in this clever poster.

Iggy Pop for PETA

Supra Duper, NHLV Gala, Veggie Conquest 3!


Discerning Brute Contributor, Troy Farmer points us to the new Holiday ‘09 Vegan Pack from Supra Footwear – featuring the Dixon, Thunder Lo, Thunder and the Diablo 1.5,  wearing 100% canvas uppers and done up in a variety of colorways. thunder / s38005blk

2009 GalaCome party with me at the New York League of Humane Voters Gala in NYC on November 12 at six o’clock in the evening at the famous Prince George Ballroom, 15 E. 27th Street (between Madison & Fifth Avenues). Featuring Keynote speaker NYS Governor David A. Paterson.

Celebrity guests include GirlieGirl Army’s Chloe Jo Berman, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary founders Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, “Super Size Me” co-star and author Alex Jamieson,  ”Discerning Brute” Joshua Katcher, author & political guru Julie Lewin, world-renowned artist Peter Max, ”Bizarro” comic creator Dan Piraro, rapper Princess Superstar, actress and author Ally Sheedy, singer/songwriter Rachel Trachtenburg, CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell and ”Whale Wars” star Captain Paul Watson.

I will be your Emcee!

Don’t miss your chance to buy tickets to the 3rd Veggie Conquest! Or enter to be a competitor! Conquest 1 and 2 were completely sold out, and this one should be even better! Please get your tickets early. THEY WILL SELL OUT!! You must buy your tickets here.

Veggie conquest 3 will take place at Not Fade Away Gallery, in Union Square, NYC. They will have a very special second course at VC#3. Match Meats has shipped our volunteers a whole freezer full of vegan meats to try.

Seitan Sneakers, Moral Animals, Green Printing & Elephant Emergency

ALIFE made some awesome vegan “aged-leather” skate sneaks called EVERYBODY HIGH SEITAN. I really love the effect of this aged-waxed-canvas. Would love to see it on jackets, and other accessories! Hey designers, take note! These are from the 2008 collection, and there are still some left at in TAN, BLACK, & BROWN. How did we miss this? Get on it!

ALIFE Everybody High - “Seitan” Pack - Dark Brown

Can animals tell right from wrong? A new controversial study from the University of Colorado, Boulder suggests they can, and showcases many complex social behaviors as evidence. Of course we always knew they were smart, social animals, but the mounting evidence makes it more and more difficult to rationalize mistreating them.

GREENDOT - A PRODUKTION CompanyIf you are in any business where you must print out flyers, lookbooks, presentations, reports, or post cards – or if you simply need a business card, it’s helpful to know that there are green printers like GREENDOT in NYC, who use non-toxic vegetable/soy inks, the highest quality recycled/post-consumer-waste papers, and have years of print production experience. There is no aesthetic compromise, and I personally reccommend them!

Elephants in circuses need our help. This latest video uncovered by IDA shows how elephants in are abused by frustrated and cruel trainers who use bull hooks to inflict pain and force the animals to do ridiculous tricks. Often the rationalization for keeping exotic animals in the circus is that they serve educational purposes for children. It seems the only thing they are being taught is that animals are ours to exploit and abuse. Circuses teach us nothing of animals’ natural inclinations, habitats, or behaviors.