Dr. Cow Opens Flagship In Brooklyn


Six years ago I wrote about the awe-inspiring things happening in the production kitchen of a small, raw, tree-nut cheese company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since then, the two pioneering, Argentinian culture-makers, Pablo and Veronica, have garnered a cult-following of cheese-lovers exalting their robust and complex concoctions.


Slowly but surely, Dr. Cow has crept across the country and world, sparking a cheese-making renaissance with a brilliant twist: the silky stuff that the cultures and molds go into is from buttery seeds and nuts (as opposed to animal lactations). The delectable, spreadables have food-lovers everywhere savoring a more and more sophisticated array of creamy morsels.


Dr. Cow was the spark that ignited a plant-based cheese revolution. And now they’ve opened their flagship location in the front of their production kitchen. In addition to cheeses of all sorts, they are also offering a variety of pastries, chocolates, and other goods.  The mini-cheesecake is a must! (There is one pastry containing honey, so do ask which items contain honey when you go.)


Please visit them at:

Dr. Cow
93 South 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Eating Awesome in Portland

Contributor Paul Jarvis takes us on a unabashed, gastronomic tour of the vegan hub that is Portland. Enjoy.

It seems everything in Portland is prefixed with the word “vegan”. Everything from strip clubs to B&B’s to realtors can and do pull out the big V at every stop. And this is good news for wary vegan travelers in search of grub and adventure. Here’s a list of some of my favorite places to check out while in PDX.

Blossoming Lotus — organic vegan fusion. What does that mean? Think awesome, lots of raw options, and a diverse menu. A trick I learned to being able to eat a variety of menu items here is to go for happy hour and order half a dozen tapas (for yourself, more if you’re with friends) and go nuts.

Homegrown Smoker — stoner soul food. From mac-no-cheese to deep-friend Oreos, these dudes have your cravings covered.

Sweatpea Bakery — baked goods and strong coffee. The almost-lost art of sandwich making is alive and well (and vegan) here. Their desserts are insanely good as well.

Scapegoat Tattoo — vegan tattoo shop. Did you know not all inks are vegan? These guys and gals use plant-based inks and do a bang-up job. I’ve got a few tattoos from here.

Foodfight — heck yes, a vegan grocery store! No more do you have to stand around reading labels for hours, everything is vegan. They also carry a lot of hard-to-find vegan treats.

DC Vegetarian — mostly-vegan food cart. Although I’ve never tried an actual Philly cheese steak, their vegan version is easily one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Powell’s Books — massive bookstore. Get your vegan cookbook on in their vegan section!

Bye and Bye — vegan hipster bar. All vegan spirits and a killer southern kitchen (hello collard greens, I think I love you!).

Vita Cafe — mostly-vegan breakfast/brunch spot. They have a vegan chicken fried steak. Enough said. If you’re into “day drinking” they also have great morning vegan cocktails.

Prasad — a mostly vegan raw joint. They’ve got great lunches and killer juices.

Voodoo Donuts — any establishment where I am able to order a “coffin of donuts” is right by me. They’ve got a huge vegan doughnut selection, and they’ll even perform marriage ceremonies!

Being vegan while traveling can sometimes require a little more planning, but definitely not in Portland — almost everywhere has vegan options. The only downside is that I am not able to eat the entire city whole.

The Cheese Code

Punk Rawk smoked salt cashew cheese on raw onion crackers. Heaven. But when it comes to vegan cheeses that melt and stretch, unlike this raw (unprocessed and delectable) cheese above, there’s some science behind it. NPR recently wrote a story on this endeavor: Cracking The Code: Making Vegan Cheese Taste Cheesier.

Non-dairy cheese alternatives first sprang up in China in the 1500s, according to The History of Fermented Tofu- A Healthy Nondairy/Vegan Cheese… But to make a true vegan cheese substitute, you can’t use casein. So Gordon’s latest challenge has been to make a cheese that is completely free of animal byproducts but still retains the properties we love about cheese.


More Cheese, Shaving Traditions & Work Horse

I got a chance to taste the Punk Rawk Labs nut cheese the other day. It comes in a variety of flavors, and in a substantial 5 oz. metal can. The process is similar to that for making dairy cheese except that it uses nut milk rather than dairy milk. The milk is first fermented. Then, moisture is removed to arrive at a semi-solid texture. Finally, cheese is flavored with herbs or smoked salt. Learn how to make your own raw cashew cheese by watching this video.

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• Shaving with a brush and lather is a ritual not too many guys partake in these days. Over at Brave GentleMan we’ve got some Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather with Macadamia Nut Oil and Soy, and a Pure Performance Shave Brush with cruelty-free, faux bristles that actually out-perform animal hair. 100% vegan, get the set for $105

** UPDATE** The ASPCA has finally admitted to a lapse in judgment around Hurricane Irene: “In retrospect we feel we should have imposed the suspension earlier on Saturday to better ensure the safety of the horses.” (source)

New York seems to lag in humane legislation regarding carriage horses. A perfect example of this lagging? Carriage drivers have once again broken the laws designed to protect horses , and according to the Blinders website:

…the law which states that carriage operators cannot work during “ice, heavy rain or other slippery conditions,” dozens of horse-drawn carriage operators were working until at least 4:45 p.m., many hours after the City was virtually shut down….While the NYC carriage horses have endured far worse than the intermittent pre-Irene downpours on Saturday, the carriage drivers nonetheless broke the law, and the ASPCA once again failed to protect the horses.Visit

For more info, visit the Coalition To Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
Sign the on-line petition to the Mayor and City Council