Dress your head with recycled thread

Finding stylish, non-wool winter hats that have little impact on the environment is a tough gig. Thankfully, American Apparel has a new line of recycled cotton/acrylic winter hats! In addition, they are making recycled knit ties. Knitted ties are great for wearing in a casual setting. If you can’t find it at the thrift store, which are typically chock-full of them, this is a great option.
Check them out at americanapparel.com $16 – $26


And if you want to keep bleach, dioxin, and other toxins away from your boys, don’t forget American Apparel has a great line of organic cotton undies, and tees too!

Style 4415ORGPACStyle 2456ORG

Fresh Friday Finds

1. Viori’s Tees and Scarves, 100% US-grown organic cotton, water-based inks, made fairly in the USA.

Vuori Stone Scarf

2. NY Coalition for Healthy School Lunches is an organization that promotes plant-based farm-to-school nutritional and educational implementation. I had a chance to go eat a delicious, vegan meal with the kids in Harlem last week, and I have to say that the menu, which was designed by a collaboration between Candle 79 and the school, was really yummy! Find out how you can get involved by clicking below:


3. Reware’s JuiceBag ES300 Solar Messenger charges iPods, Cell Phones, GPS, Cameras, etc, and is made from recycled soda bottles.

4. Refinding’s reclaimed accessories, made from reclaimed materials like trading cards, nylon, matchbooks, and type-writer keys.

5. Abuse of Primates in Research Labs exposed on ABC’s NIGHTLINE. If you missed it on TV, read the article at change.org. Read also about why animal experimentation is so inneffective from a woman undergoing cancer treatment, and watch the Nightline video below:


6. Sameunderneath Knit Blazer  on Sale, 75% organic cotton, 25% polyester

7. HBO premieres the documentary “Death on a Factory Farm”. Get program schedule here. Watch a clip from the doc:

8. Of The Earth organic cotton hoodies.

9. Veg News weighs in on obstacles to estimating the number of veg kids. The CDC fails at surveying. Read the article:

10. Do you ever have a clogged drain and you end up buying the toxic, animal-tsted Draino? Finally there’s a pure, natural environmentally-friendly, enzyme-producing bacteria that liquefies grease, fats, and other organic wastes and controls odors in drains, garbage disposals, and septic systems. Earthworm! What’s best? It’s only five bucks at VeganStore.com.

Helmet of the Will • Eco Sports Car • Giveaway

Helmet of the Will makes 100% organic cotton Tees right here in Brooklyn. These are images from their upcoming Spring’09 collection. Get them at these stores.

This ‘Ain’t No Prius. The Tesla Roadster is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. In fact it is a sheep that has mastered the walk and the talk of the wolf. It is even offered with a vegan, microfiber interior. As quiet and under-the-radar as a Stealth Bomber, and so efficient it gets 244 miles per charge. To top it off, it goes 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, and is now in production. If you’ve got $109,000 to play around with, and you’ve already given to every charity you can think of, go for it!

The Tesla Roadster is an electric car and produces one-tenth the pollution of the best sports car

Veg News FREE giveaways. For the month of  November, VegNews Magazine will give away a prize every day to people who leave comments! Click HERE and look for “Today’s Giveaway”.

Turk + Taylor: Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter 2008

Turk + Taylor‘s Spring 2008 collection is gorgeous! Mark Morris and I have been chatting a lot about everything from video art to ethical clothing production – something Turk +Taylor strives for. The Spring/Summer 2008 collection is full of organic cotton, sporty twill blazers, bingo shorts, pinstripes, bold colors, and slick details. Also, their blazers are lined with organic cotton, and much of the silk is ‘sustainable silk‘, taken only from abandoned cocoons (fear not, vegans).

Turk + Taylor Spring 08Turk + Taylor Spring 08
keno blazer, organic cotton twill, lined with organic cotton, white; bingo shorts, organic cotton twill,white; fußball shirt, organic cotton, yellow/gray stripe

You might just catch me wearing the pinstripe blazer below this spring. I think it’s very handsome. I also really like this photo-shoot. The images remind me that all of our constructions are bound to crumble and return to the earth. it also says that our home is falling apart. This planet’s ability to continue supporting human life is getting more and more fragile. Luckily, Turk +Taylor employ SSA (Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Animal Advocacy), so their footprint is much lighter.

Organic Blazerkeno blazer, hemp/cotton, lined with organic cotton,
indigo stripe; fußball shirt, organic cotton, navy purple

Turk + Taylor Spring 08
tetherball hoody, sustainable silk, fuscia.


Turk + Taylor Tshirt Spring 08

Turk + Taylor Spring 08

Turk + Taylor Tshirt Spring 08Turk + Taylor Tshirt Spring 08

These Turk + Taylor organic cotton Tshirts feature fresh retro-inspired art and bold colors.

The Autumn/Winter 2008 collection is equally gorgeous. The series features striking utility cuts with an almost entirely monochromatic palate of blue-gray accented with splashes of rusty plaids. Organic cotton is used throughout, and recycled wool is featured in many garments. I love the double-pocket on the utility dress shirt below:

Turk + Taylor Autumn 08
Turk + Taylor Autumn 08

From the top:
1. utility dress shirt, organic cotton, aqua/gray stripe
2.utility dress shirt, organic cotton, black stretch denim;trouser, recycled wool, teal
3. utility dress shirt, organic cotton, red shadow plaid

I expressed to Mark that I’m thrilled that they’re using recycled wool. Recycled anything means less resources are being extracted, and less polluting output is being released into the landbase. Because recycled wool is not ‘flashy’, unlike a vintage fur, there is less of a chance you could be held responsible for ‘promoting’ the look (and therefore; the sales) of new wool. I’d love to hear your opinions on this.

My Favorite of their Autumn tees is the Benazir Bhutto, olive organic cotton:
Benazir Bhutto tee

Tell your women-friends that Turk + Taylor also makes magical garments for them!

Turk + Taylor Spring 08 Ladies
Turk + Taylor Autumn 08 Ladies

Above: shuffleboard jumper, sustainable silk, light green/natural
Below: Snow angel blouse, organic cotton, gray; trouser, recycled wool, red; weekend bag, recycled wool & denim, organic cotton lining, black/red
If you want to place an order, please send an email to shop@turkandtaylor.com with the style and size desired. Find out which stores are carrying Turk + Taylor by clicking HERE.

Turk + Taylor

Turk + Taylor
Mark Lee Morris and Andrew Soernsen started off making organic, hand-dyed Tee-shirts, and have since expanded their line to include tailored pieces. All of their styles are limited-edition, hand-numbered and hail from the West Coast.
Their tees are often retro-inspired, and bold colored. The tailored pieces are well-made, simple, basics with a fitted shape. If you cannot find what you are looking for through one of their retailers, then Mark and Andrew accept orders via email and ship at no extra cost.
DB’s Etiquette Recommendation: Turk + Taylor do use silk. It’s rare to only have something like silk to complain of about a designer. The veggie-fashion goddess herself, Stella McCartney uses silk and wool. I debated not saying anything at all, but I’m confident that worms matter. They have nervous systems and brains…and getting boiled alive probably doesn’t feel nice – especially for the sake of lining. Find out how most silk is made HERE and you decide.