Le Suri Tricolor Satchel $315
Rapanui Men’s Organic Cotton Flannel Shirt $53
Bleed Clothing Timber Jumper $126
Zkano Tread-Heavyweight Crew $13
Norton Point Recycled Ocean Plastic Sunglasses $129 – $145
Brave GentleMan Faunus Soft Briefcase $499
Groceries Apparel Men’s Unisex Crew $33
Brave GentleMan Card Holder $45

Brave GentleMan SS14 Presentation


photos by Isaac Lane Koval

I presented my first full collection on Sunday, September 8th during New York Fashion Week at Humble in Manhattan. The collection features interchangeable two and three-piece suits of domestic, organic cotton duck, twill and batiste, European linen, Japanese future-suede, and fair-trade South-American corozo buttons, as well as Brave GentleMan Italian future-leather belts made in New York City’s garment center, Brave GentleMan x Novacas future-leather shoes made in Portugal and Brave GentleMan wide-brim straw hats made in west Los Angeles at the Louise Green Millinery Studio featuring our Pan/Faunus logo lazer-cut into corozo. Flawless makeup was applied by renowned artist Bryan Duprey, and impeccable hair was styled by the outstanding Candice J. Crawford using Imperial Barber products, dashing models from Major wore the clothes, and a spectacular table of French pastries from Vegan Treats Bakery was set out. Here are some highlights from the show:




















Prospector, Treeline, Uniforms for the Dedicated




Treeline Cheese is a cashew-based, aged, artisan cheese that ripens in upstate New York’s Catskill mountains. Whether you stuff a date with it, eat it on sliced fruit, mix it into rice or pasta, or use it to top-off any dish that would call for a fine cheese, it seems there’s no way to go wrong with fine vegan cheeses. Sometimes, though, nothing is better than enjoying a glass of wine while simply letting one small wedge at a time slowly melt in your mouth.


The Hill-Side & Denim Demon

The Hill-Side makes ties and pocket-squares from selvedge fabrics, diverting them from landfills and making really cool, classic square-end ties, pocket squares, and handkerchiefs. I bought a brown, waxed cotton tie and think it’s just swell.



Denim DemonThere’s a few cool, organic cotton items over at Denim Demon – but watch out because this label also uses deer antler buttons, some leather, and some wool. We love the organics and the style, but hey Denim Demon, next season steer clear of the cruel stuff, ok?



Ladies Lotto: No Man's Land

Ladies Lotto I made history recently. I am the first man ever allowed into a Ladies Lotto monthly meeting. I really had no idea that dudes were not allowed into their top-secret conclaves, but when I showed up at the door, I immediately knew I was in for trouble. “What are you doing here? No boys allowed,” She said, with her arm blocking the entryway.

The Discerning Brute, Joshua Katcher with Summer Rayne Oakes
Joshua Katcher with Summer Rayne Oakes photo© andreabakacs.com

Thankfully, my friend Summer Rayne Oakes saw what was happening, and came out and vouched for me. Summer was the special guest speaker that night, so she had some serious bargaining power. After much fanagaling (I was told I could only have one drink!) and she led me into no-man’s-land! The room was packed with really cool gals. I was a bit of an eyesore, so I got to meet a lot of people. All these ladies were doing really awesome stuff – and the host was one of our favorite designers, Tara St. James of Covet!

© vanessabahmani.com
© vanessabahmani.com
© vanessabahmani.com

I’ve been raving to all of my gal-pals that they absolutely have to join this network of independent, motivated, creative businesswomen! It was a really supportive, motivational, and inspirational collective. Summer Rayne spoke about her new book: Style, Naturally, and the process of writing and publishing. There was vegan food and drinks and lots of networking going on. I truly felt honored to be allowed into their midst.

If you have a lady in your life who would benefit from a network of smart, savvy, hooked-up peers, definitely tell her to join Ladies Lotto. Right now!