For Spring/Summer 2015, ROMBAUT continues to bring together the hardness of functional, architectural and minimalist aesthetics with the confidence of sustainable, future- materials.

“Fitting for a spring collection, the vision is hopeful, celebratory and radiant. It is a message of youthful optimism. Nature and technology are tamed in the materials, our history and our future are merged in the forms. The lustrous surfaces tell a child’s story of the future. Through commitment and hard work, ecology and modernity become one. Sound mind, sound body, sound environment.”


The craftsmanship of ROMBAUT transforms materials at a fundamental level, creating new material innovations out of stone, tree bark, natural rubber, cotton cellulose and coconut fiber. All materials and fabrics are sustainably engineered – there are no toxic or animal-derived substances involved. Instead ROMBAUT develops plant-based materials and is determined to protect bio-diversity in our environment.


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John Bartlett Shoes, Nicora Johns & Bill Clinton

• Designers John Bartlett and Ruthie Davis have collborated, as WWD reported,  on a small range of very cool vegan shoes. Two unisex sneakers and one women’s pump featuring Bartlett’s signature Tiny Tim print will hit the designers respective online stores this January. Ten percent of sales will go to Bartlett’s Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, which provides resources to organizations that help treat and find homes for shelter animals.

• Speaking of very cool vegan shoes, designer Stephanie Fryslie of the line Nicora Johns is hand-making some rad vegan kicks (Modeled above by AFI front man Davey Havok) in Los Angeles with a focus on bringing jobs back here to the US of A. Fryslie is currently raising funds to launch her production via Kickstarter, so check it out!

Bill Clinton (Ben Baker)

• Former President Bill Clinton is in the news again advocating a vegan diet. In a recent interview with AARP, Clinton stated that, after being a vegan for over three years:

“I just decided that I was the high-risk person, and I didn’t want to fool with this anymore. And I wanted to live to be a grandfather,” says Clinton. “So I decided to pick the diet that I thought would maximize my chances of long-term survival.”
…”the way we consume food and what we consume” are driving the unsustainable level of health care spending in America. To truly change the conditions that lead to bad habits and poor health, he warns, “we have to demand it by changing the way we live. You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being, and that of your family and your country.”


ROMBAUT, an all-natural avantgarde men’s footwear concept from the Paris-based Belgian designer Mats Rombaut, is launching for Autumn Winter 2013-14. The 25-year-old Belgian designer is based in Paris, France. ROMBAUT is his first solo project after over five years experience in menswear accessories development and production in Paris with Lanvin menswear and later the Croatian designer Damir Doma. You can find ROMBAUT on their website or Facebook.

Artisanally crafted in Italy, ROMBAUT shoes represent a unique crossover between high fashion and ecological awareness, eliminating toxic and animal-derived substances in the process. The rough yet minimal designs are executed in fig treebark, a biodegradable material collected in Uganda, hand dyed and crafted in Tuscany. The styles are subsequently coated in Amazon rubber for a new, organic and water repellent finish. ROMBAUT represents more than just a shoe, but a directional fashion concept designed for a more balanced future.

Visit the ROMBAUT showroom between 18th and 25th January in Paris to discover the first collection:

by appointment only: 33 (0) 645 714 774

ROMBAUT - lookbook-1

ROMBAUT - lookbook-3

ROMBAUT - lookbook-7

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ROMBAUT - lookbook-11

ROMBAUT - lookbook-12

ROMBAUT - lookbook-15     ROMBAUT - lookbook-10ROMBAUT - lookbook-7


Photography : Virgili Jubero
Creative Direction : Mats Rombaut
Model : Giovanni Leonardo Bassan
Press : Florence Teerlinck

Buy Shoes, Plant Trees

:myCATS Video:SlideShow JPG:Life in Technicolor:Shoe pics:Imagen 149.jpgAfter a Blizzard took over NYC,  I’m already thinking about spring. Seeing some of the styles from myCATS, how could you not wait to slip in to some of these espadrilles. Along with all of the vibrant colors you can feel even better knowing that these eco-friendly kicks are handmade and they have partnered with the organization Tress for the Future.

For every shoe sold,  myCATS will plant 2 trees in your name. These trees not only clean our air by reducing carbon emissions and fighting global warming, but also provide significant income and livelihood options for people.  Trees provide medicine, beverages, fruit, soil fertility, erosion control and even something as simple as shade can help improve the quality of life for these people.”

BB Steps It Up

New shoes and ankle-boots from the spring 2010 Bourgeois Boheme mens’ collection knocked our socks off – and who needs em’? These sharp kicks will look just great without socks beneath a pair of cuffed up jeans or shorts, come spring time. We are drooling, here. The leather-free, fair labor, cruelty-free accessories label is certainly stepping it up. Who knew leather-free could mean classic, smart, and sexy. They are not yet available for sale, but will be soon enough. Save up, boys! Thanks to reader Gareth for the tip-off!