Behind the Label

We’ve set up shop in Detroit, where we’re hiring men who were trained to sew in prison and paying them a living wage.

We use the best materials available, like organic cotton, to make products that we want to wear every day, and we’re building them to last.

We aren’t doing it alone: from partnering with the Michigan Department of Corrections on hiring, to developing fabrics with a mill in LA that shares our commitment to quality, it’s a team effort.

In short, we’re doing our best to build a company that we all can feel excited to be a part of. We’ve tried to keep business simple. Invest in your employees, invest in your community and make products you feel great about. Some companies see this as a burden. We see it as an opportunity.

Christian & Kathryn Birky

Best Of: Midtown Eco Showcase

Boho - A New American SpiritThis week in midtown Manhattan, designers gathered at the Agent Red International Showroom who hosted The Green Gallery Eco Press Showcase to showcase eco clothing and accessories ranging from bags and belts to knits and formal wear. I met several of the designers and the stylish brains behind Boho Magazine, which launched at the event. Here are the highlights:

SDN is a Brooklyn-based line featuring menswear made from organic cotton, soy, and bamboo. Striped waistcoats, western button-downs and denim jumpsuits were the highlights, as well as the handsome, cuffed chinos. I have to get a pair of those! SDN can be purchased at and The pants do come with the option of suspenders that have leather detailing, so you can avoid those – and some of the sportscoats incorporate silk in the lining.

English Retreads was started by Heather English almost a decade ago. Her bags and accessories already have over 60,000 miles each! Tough, green, and bad-ass, my favorites are the wallet, the Bentley, and the Large Beetle. ER also does dog collars and belts!

REVINYLIZED accessories are made from used billboards that would otherwise add hundreds of pounds each to landfills. The tote, the messenger bags, and the toiletry bag are my favorite picks. Many of them are lined with organic or recycled cotton.

Threads for Thought is one of the only companies doing organic cotton board shorts! Combine that with an organic tee with a well-designed message and you’re good to go!

Kaight Does Dudes!


Our friend Kaight, who’s eco-boutique in the Lower East Side is dedicated to advancing the image of green fashion, has started carrying some awesome men’s organic Tshirts by Katherine E Hamnett. Check’em!

Organic Tshirt
clean up or die

Kaight stocks only the hottest designers from the U.S., Europe and Canada that make clothes that push the boundaries of fashion in an environmentally conscious and ethical way.

Loomstate Menswear


100% certified organic materials, sweatshop-free production, gorgeous menswear.

“Launched in New York City in 2004 by designer Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn, Loomstate was founded as a casual brand dedicated to creating demand for certified organic cotton using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production…Loomstate works with factories representing the “Gold Standard” or model of excellence of responsible production methods.” –

birdsjacket Jean Fir Real

You can purchase Loomstate at these locations.