KOWTOW Spring 2013

The award-winning line, Kowtow releases their summer 2013 collection in stores this February. Featuring 100% organic and fair-trade certified cotton and fair labor production, Kowtow is influenced by sport, goth and geometric shapes and graphics. It’s eye-catching, fun, and presents a balance of subtle coolness with bold punches like the triangular patterns, sharp lines and contrasts like black and white.

At Kowtow we work with the finest quality certified fairtrade organic cotton and regularly visit our farmers and factories. We are very passionate about sustainability and ethics in the apparel industry and go to great lengths to assure that all of our practices are sustainable.

Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here





The contemporary streetwear label TRECHES launches it’s new collection at the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week. The line features mostly organic cotton and hemp and is inspired by geometry.

” Reviving idolized memories from the past, reaching for the future. A collection balancing on the edge between the warming, comfortable familiarity of the past, and the contemporary prospect of a chilly, geometric future, while not forgetting what we’re in it for: we want to create a better tomorrow.”

You can order several pieces now on their online shop:



Toronto’s WES MiSENER‘s entire Spring/Summer 2013 collection is for the minimalist, masculine rebel. In addition to his strong, brooding aesthetic, the entire season will be sustainable and vegan – using textiles like recycled poly and organic cotton. Designer, Wes, spent 4 years working as a fashion model in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Athens and Milan and later became a self-taught menswear designer.

I asked MiSENER about his latest collection:
My vision for the S/S 2013 collection was to bring strong and cool silhouettes for the guys with a limited colour palette, we have expanded from Black to now introducing Navy Blue.

The collection has elements of military, utility and biker shapes but I have explored my own interests by making the pieces minimal and modern. Pieces are de-constructed with 100% natural shoulder lines (no shoulder pads) and we have used Swiss manufactured Riri zippers for all the pieces.

The use of Certified Organic Cotton and Recycled textiles I feel is progressive for designer fashion, but I would also like to add [that] these Organic and Recycled textiles are excellent quality!! Making my collection in Toronto is high cost, but the trad- off is I get to ensure that the all garments are top quality and to my specifications!

Three Leaves, Rapanui and Vivobarefoot

Rapanui is “an Award-Winning Eco-fashion brand from on the Isle of Wight”. They make organic, ethical clothing in factories powered by wind and solar energy. Every piece is rated on its sustainability with a letter grade from A-G: A being organic, ethical and sustainable, and G being none of the aforementioned. Where the award winning comes in however, is through their traceability. For all of their clothing they have both a map and a description of the entire process, what they call “from seed to shop”, showing the journey their clothing takes through the entire supply chain to get to the store. Not only are their products animal friendly, but they also work towards animal welfare.

“At Rapanui we will never use fur and none of the products on our site were made after being tested on animals, nor were they derived from animal products.”

Fairtrade Cotton / FSC Rubber Shoes Wolfpack Sweat

Three Leaves, from Red Hook Brooklyn, is a new eCommerce store entering the foray of ethical menswear. That carry brands using eco-friendly materials, with strict certifications like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), cruelty free shoes like Novacas, and socially responsible brands that would never use sweatshop labor, they strive to offer fashion staples for the uncompromising man. Although not entirely vegan (there is some wool and  leather, e.g. jacket zipper, jean tag) they will make note of it in the item’s description.


Vivobarefoot offers eco barefoot shoes suited for most any lifestyle, from trail running to casual. They are made from recycled, locally sourced materials in ethical factories using sustainable production techniques. Each shoe has an eco matrix, in the form of a numerical rating, to score their environmental impact throughout the lifecycle. If a shoe is vegan, it can be found under the shoe’s “features” labeled “Eco Credentials: 100% Vegan”.