You and a guest have the chance to win tickets to see Vaute by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart at New York Fashion Week this Wednesay February 6th, 11:30 am-12:30 pm. Vaute is the first 100% vegan and sustainable brand to show at New York Fashion week which is pretty historic. Hilgart’s label has taken leaps and bounds in the last two years, opening her flagship store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and developing an entire collection that is inspiring, ambitious and stunning. And yes, there’s menswear, which is why you should be there!


10 people and their guest will be hand-selected by Ms. Hilgart herself, based on their answers below in the comment section. The contest is today only! Comments will close at midnight.

Leanne asks, “What men’s apparel piece would you love to see more ethical options for?”

Good luck and hope to see you there!

KOWTOW Spring 2013

The award-winning line, Kowtow releases their summer 2013 collection in stores this February. Featuring 100% organic and fair-trade certified cotton and fair labor production, Kowtow is influenced by sport, goth and geometric shapes and graphics. It’s eye-catching, fun, and presents a balance of subtle coolness with bold punches like the triangular patterns, sharp lines and contrasts like black and white.

At Kowtow we work with the finest quality certified fairtrade organic cotton and regularly visit our farmers and factories. We are very passionate about sustainability and ethics in the apparel industry and go to great lengths to assure that all of our practices are sustainable.

Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here
Kowtow Anywhere But Here





The contemporary streetwear label TRECHES launches it’s new collection at the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week. The line features mostly organic cotton and hemp and is inspired by geometry.

” Reviving idolized memories from the past, reaching for the future. A collection balancing on the edge between the warming, comfortable familiarity of the past, and the contemporary prospect of a chilly, geometric future, while not forgetting what we’re in it for: we want to create a better tomorrow.”

You can order several pieces now on their online shop:

Brave GentleMan Suits Friends & Family Pre-Order Discount


The Brave GentleMan suits are almost here. And you can be one of the first to own one. The suits are available to the public at 10% off for pre-orders, but only for The Discerning Brute & Brave GentleMan friends, family and supporters I’m offering pre-order sales at wholesale cost – that’s a total of 50% off – until January 15th with this code: ‘ SUITABLE2013 ‘.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a fine, Italian-made, sustainable and vegan men’s suit! Once we go into production, the suits will not likely be available at this drastic of a discount again. For details on the suits, FAQ, and to see the lookbook, click here. And if you haven’t, check out our suits!

John Bartlett Spring 2013

I attended the Spring 2013 John Bartlett runway show at New York Fashion week and considered running back-stage to steal a linen suit for myself.  As Bartlett describes, this collection is inspired by “the plant-based man” which reflects his own commitment to animals, veganism and sustainability. The entire collection is free of animal products typically used in menswear like leather, wool or silk, but seems to lack nothing. The tailored suits, rope belts, pleated pants, matching shirts and ties (a John Bartlett staple) and a soft palette of watermelon, avocado, and other flora all added up for a powerful collection perfect for sophisticated, cool and cognizant men.

Linen (otherwise known as flax) is the perfect spring and summer fabric because it’s light, it breathes, and you can wear a full suit without sweating to death. What’s even better is that linen is incredibly sustainable and, when compared to fibers like wool or cotton, it takes far less resources to grow and process.

I await this collection hitting stores as eagerly as I await seeing what he has planned for the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.