Sold on Celery

by D. R. Hildebrand

Whenever I go food shopping I tend to pick up, ponder, and put back the same foods every time.  Most of these foods are in recipes I want to make, but are sold in quantities I will never finish—at least not before they go bad.  I get excited when I see them but then pause and picture myself weeks later combing through the refrigerator finding a pile of limp, rotten remains, and I pass.

Celery is my number one culprit.  I always intend to eat it but never actually buy it.  I don’t have a juicer, though if I did I’m still not sure I’d consume it fast enough, and even with peanut butter I’ve never liked eating it as a snack.  So I decided recently that I would tackle celery in spurts: whenever I would buy this vitamin K-rich veggie I would be prepared with a handful of dishes that included it, and I would make them in succession until every stalk was gone.

Here are a few easy recipes for anyone with a similar celery conundrum.  Modify them as needed and enjoy.  And please feel free to share your own.

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Celery Hard-On, Our Legacy, and Black & Noir

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