Nigel Barker hosted an Anti-Fur event earlier this evening in New York City in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States and Chefs for Seals. The VIP cocktail party, photography exhibit and photo shoot sponsored by a veritable who’s who of New York’s culinary, cultural and hospitality luminaries was delicious, fun, and inspiring.  He’s an outstanding man, and a passionate advocate for fur-bearing animals. Over 250 chefs are participating int he Canadian seafood boycott (I’d advocate for boycotting seafood all-together). Of the hunt, Nigel said, “Almost fifty-percent of the time, [seals] are not dead at the time of being skinned, I have footage of seals running off without their skin”.  Shame on Canada for allowing the hunt to go on, and shame on China for being the top consumer of Canada’s seal body parts.Check out his film, “A Sealed Fate“.

At the event, which featured all vegan fare, I snacked on portabello sliders with white-bean sauce, artisan drinks from some of the best  mixologists in NYC (my favorite was The Tippler: Averna Amaro, lemon juice, strawberries, orange soda, cayenne, and Korean ginseng), brochette, chocolate biscotti, mini bluberry pies, marinated shittake sushi, and a gorgeous spread of fresh fruits, vegetables, hummus, tampenades and dips.

Actor Paul Iocono, myself and friends with Seal (not the singer).