VegNews gave TDB a nice shout-out in their online feature on men’s fashion this week.

Looking to suit up for spring? Check out this comprehensive guide to compassionate fashion and cruelty-free products for vegan men…. (read the full article).

Georgia Glynn Smith / Getty Images• Time Magazine today unleashed a controversial article, The Meatless (and Less Meat) Revolution in (of all places) the money section. Gulp. Just wait til you read the comments section and start your things-I’ve-responded-to-a-thousand-times engines.

This year, the average American will eat 165.5 lbs. of beef and poultry. That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually a 12% decline compared to 2007, when an annual intake of 189 lbs. of meat per person was standard.

…a vegan diet means: more endurance, quicker recovery, less chance of impotency, less chance of heart disease and slightly more eating required to build muscle. Hardly unmanly.