The New York Times reported again on livestock-free meat. Author Andrew Revkin says “Now non-farmed meat is back in the headlines, with a patty of in-vitro beef – widely dubbed a “frankenburger” — fried and served in London earlier today.” The comments section is full of people who seem outraged, frightened and disturbed by the idea of lab-gown meat. But isn’t the meat coming from modern farms far scarier? At least a lab is clean. The video he reference is below. (read the full article)

Revkin also makes a point to say that he believes a culture-gown Foie Gras could be a profitable alternative to the cruel, standard production methods. And this suggestion could not have been  better timed with the ADLF (Animal Defense Legal Fund) and Ella Nemcova of Regal Vegan ( the creator of Faux Gras, a creamy lentil and tree nut paté) suing Hudson Valley Foie Gras over false-advertising claims. In an article from the Observer, author Drew Grant writes “The plaintiffs claim that Hudson Valley Foie Gras violated the federal Lanham Act and California’s False Advertising and Unfair Competition Laws by claiming to be “the Humane Choice” while using inhumane practices.” (read the full article)