by contributor, Kris Kneale


.Today I wandered into Any Old Iron, an eclectic “UK Apparel” store on Orchard St in NYC’s Lower East Side, and picked up a “London Undercover” umbrella. They’re made of completely recycled components and starting at $80 are a nice investment for the rainy days to come.

From the website: In keeping with the British ecological ideology, almost every aspect of these Umbrellas has been designed with a fresh environmental approach. Recycled Canvas, recycled metal shaft and frame, recycled/ biodegradable handles and recycled packaging feature in these morally re-assured Brollies. Quintessentially British?

The Commuter - London Undercover x London TransportBlue Gingham UmbrellaEnglish Breakfast UmbrellaPrince of Wales UmbrellaUnion Jack Plaid UmbrellaHoundstooth Umbrella

Royal  Stewart Tartan UmbrellaHoundstooth  Umbrella