Recently, I had the pleasure of eating artisinal, expertly conceived and delivered specialty foods including plant-based meats, cheeses, sauces and other delicacies. Wine, beer and craft cocktails were included in a twelve course tasting menu to raise funds for Kols Staem & Esee Che, a vegan butcher and cheese shop set to open in the coming months in NYC after a succession of future fundraisers which will be advertised on VeganizerNYC.

We began with an heirloom crudités and a charcuterie board of tomato prosciutto and herbs de provence cheese with grilled summer fruit and ended with a bourbon vanilla semi-freddo topped with a matcha caramel. These whimsical ideas with daring flavor profiles and appropriate textural components is just a taste of things to come from Staem & Esee Che.