I was craving a sandwich today after I spotted some fresh-baked sourdough bread at the market in my neighborhood. So I threw this satisfying sammie together with just a few basic ingredients. May favorite part is sauteing the king trumpet mushrooms. These give off the most amazing, buttery aroma when cooking, and once cooked, they develop a rich, complex umami taste. Plus, they’re good for you immune system. Here’s how to make the King Sandwich:

• Slice and lightly toast two pieces of sourdough bread.• Slice one medium-sized, green heirloom tomato
• Slice two large king trumpet mushrooms, and saute them (I used Annie’s Goddess tahini dressing to saute) until golden on each side.
• Cut the vegan kielbasa (I used Tofurkey brand) longways and then in half. Saute with the mushroom until golden.
• Add aged cashew cheese (I used Dr. Cow) to taste
• Spread some mayo (I used Just Mayo by Hampton Creek Foods) on the bread, and stack the tomato, cheese, kielbasa, and mushrooms.