The New York Times, BBC and others reported on the unfortunate and premature death of one of the strongest men that ever lived. The 104-year-old Joe Rollino – one of the last links to the old strongman days of Coney Island was a lifelong vegetarian who was a performer, decorated WWII veteran, and a longshoreman. He was struck down by a van near his home in Brooklyn, and up until his death, he was a member of the Polar Bear Club and could still bend coins in his fingers and teeth. At his heaviest: 150lbs, standing at 5-foot-5, he did not ever smoke or drink, and once lifted 635lbs … with his finger!

“Joe Rollino once lifted 475 pounds. He used neither his arms nor his legs but, reportedly, his teeth. With just one finger he raised up 635 pounds; with his back he moved 3,200. He bit down on quarters to bend them with his thumb.” – New York Times