Marisa and David's Outrageous Kitchen. photo:

Last night was such an overwhelming food frenzy! There were more amazing dishes than I had room for on my plate or in my stomach. Last night was also a true testament to the fact that I really don’t miss any non-vegan foods! I’ll be posting the recipes for my two dishes,  in a couple of days: Smokey Seitan w/ Mushroom Mousse & Braised Apples in a Pumkin Butter Shell, & Pumpkin Pie Cookies!


I am really blessed to have such an amazing group of people in my life. I can’t tell you how revolutionary it is to be at an event overflowing with amazing drinks and food and conversation, and never have to worry once about the ingredients of anything, defending my choice to be an animal advocate, or losing interest in any conversation. From shoe designers, comic artists, TV personalities, and food-science artists – to organizers, fund-raising powerhouses, filmmakers, lifestyle experts, full-time animal rescuers, lawyers, wellness therapists and fashionistas – there was so much good karma in the room that I was high on it.

Pablo & Veronica brought their finest creations: raw, vegan, aged cheeses. Cashew Blue Cheese, Macadamia, Brazil Nut, Fennel Pollen, and 1 Year Aged Cashew Cheese were more than any cheese-lover could ask for.
Chloe's Roasted Roots, Ashely's Sweet or Savory Stuffing, & Marisa's Tofurky!
Marinated Seitan, and three kinds of String Beans! Photo:
Salads & Roots. Photo:
Pablo & Veronica's Raw Lasagna Terrine w/ Cashew Cream