1. Tying not to use silk? Thanks to DB reader Pierre for this, we’ve been informed of the all Vegan Ties made from satin and cotton at: www.jaanj.com

Brown Blue Yellow Cotton Ties in Brown/Blue/Yellow Tan Blue Red White Cotton Ties in Tan/Blue/Red/White Light Color Solid Tie in Pink Wide Ridged Stripes Tie in Yellow/Light Green/Light Blue/Silver-White

2. Give Leather a Smack-down. More Vegan Mixed Martial Arts gloves! I still think there should be an official “Mac Danzig signature vegan glove”. Hey Mac, get in touch!

3. Suits made from 100% recycled post-consumer material! ECOGIR from Bagir Global Innovative Tailoring also features organic cotton, bamboo and tagua nut suits!

4. FISA vote sends us into 1984.

5. Organic Hemp B-boys from THTC. From organic growing, to processing, treating and dying the hemp and cotton fibres, to labor practices – THTC is a leader in ethical fashion. With it’s heart in breakdancing, graffiti art, Hip Hop, Reggae, Breaks and Drum & Bass, the designs coming from this collective is making waves in the urban scene, with fans emerging like Morcheeba, Asian Dub Foundation, Goldie and the Mad Professor.

https://i2.wp.com/www.smartplanet.com/i/s/comps/thtc_tee.jpg?w=840Fashions from THTCZulu Nation UK PFunk