• I just completed a 3-day Blueprint cleanse – the “Excavation”, as they refer to it on their site. It was shockingly easy… dare I say delicious, and I even went to my Crossfit class and still performed well while cleansing. Gilt City is offering a discount today on the cleanse at 16% – 20% off retail. It was easy because everything is numbered, delivered and considered for you – all you have to do is keep it cold and drink it. Even the busiest of us can handle that, right? Gilt Cit is by invite only, so click here for you invite.
BluePrintCleanse: NYC
Brooklyn Grooming offers some fantastic men’s products. From the hair pomade, mustache wax and facial serum, to the tattoo balm, beard oil and shaving oil – this NYC-based operation has us vegan dudes figured out (not everything is vegan, make sure to click on “vegan products”).

• Let Jack Black take care of those hard-working  hands when they get rough, cracked and cut their range of vegan products include Industrial Strength Hand Healer and Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue Silver Gel.
Industrial Strength Hand Healer with Vitamins A & E 4002O

• Bulldog has a strong stance on animal testing and using vegan ingredients. All of their products, including their excellent Facial Wash and Facial Scrub are made with ingredients like dead-skin-cell deep-sixing coconut shell powder, skin-tenderizing shea butter and invigorating green tea extract.