My spider-senses are tingling! I’ve been following companies like Bolt Threads and writing about them for quite some time, but this past week, Bolt Threads made history when they launched the first commercially available biofabricated spider-silk product at SXSW 2017 – and it’s a classic, woven men’s tie. Make no mistake, this is a tie that will change the world.

With developments like these, we are able to see the inevitable end of animals used inefficiently and brutally in creating fibers. We can also see the end to animals being killed for other things like flesh and milk. Brewing things like silk in the laboratory isn’t just exciting science, it’s the next industrial revolution that could curb the staggering ecological impacts of raising livestock.


Bolt Threads shot a sleek photo campaign and cinematic trailer to launch this revolutionary product, and I couldn’t be more excited, since I’ve always had a fondness for the charm of a woven tie. I even entered the lottery to be able to purchase one of the 50 ties that were made!


The Discerning Brute 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Men with Principles

Tesla Model 3 (ask for vegan leather interior) starts at $35,000
Le Labo
Santal 26 Home Diffuser $590
Brave GentleMan Faunus Top-Zip Tote $399
Corbusier Sunglasses (recycled vinyl record) $495
Brave GentleMan Visionary Boot $312


Fanmail Thermal Sweat in Organic Cotton $170
UMASAN Perfecto-Style Motorcycle Jacket $552
Vegan Good Life Issue 4 $16
Save The Duck Men’s Puffer Stretch Jacket $355
Tempus Machina 216A $25,000
VAUTE Charles Coat in Black $375


Stella McCartney Men’s Blush Sneakers $595
Bateman Skincare Daily Hyaluronic Serum $33
Eco USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries $15
Glass House Shirtmakers Organic Cotton Pocket Square $29
Scaramouche & Fandango
Triple Pack Skincare Essentials $31
Aesop Intrepid Gent Gift Set $92
Innov8 Fastlift 370 BOA $140
The Wandering Knight Post Shave Elixir $30


Sweet Maresa’s  25 Piece Baker’s Choice Macaron Box $68
Vegan Treats
The Ultimate Holiday Cookie Sampler $75
Dr. Cow Aged Cashew Cheese Sample Box $85
Eddie Garza
¡Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook $15
Isa Chandra Moskowitz
The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook $19
Lagusta’s Luscious Winter Wonderland Box $68

The Long Game (and that’s just me warming up)

by Izzy Jacobus


South-Sydney, Australian-born, surf enthusiast James Aspey is an extraordinary man. He puts his body on the line to create awareness about the oppression of the weak and to urge the public to help those in need. In the last couple of years, he’s gone from a relatively unknown personality to a highly respected and revered activist. This cancer survivor, addiction survivor and eating-disorder survivor is like no other.

“I was in such a minority, you know…Ninety-nine percent of people love animals…so, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t, 99% of people are vegetarian or vegan, fighting for that 1 or 2% to change.”

11380874_839431309468040_1027688737_nAfter a lengthy time in spiritual meditation in Bali, something arose from his subconscious: a realization that he would take a vow of silence for one year to bring attention to the plight of animals. This insightful and articulate man chose to avoid using his voice for 365 days in the hope to speak to the world. He broke his silence on Australia’s most watched news program, citing “the voiceless victims of this planet” as his reason and inspiration.

“I wasn’t wasted one night and had this idea…it came from a pure place.”

13380889_177845419285084_1557769485_nAfter putting his vocal chords and will-power to the test, the twenty-nine-year-old next will move to offering up his skin. He will attempt a 24-hour tattoo challenge “Ink To Make You Think,” with two other human canvasses. The Guinness rules for lengthy tattoos allow for a five minute break every hour which can be taken cumulatively. This group of stereotype-breaking vegans will get equal rights related imagery and quotes inked on them, while doing a live broadcast to raise money for three charities: A Well Fed World, which feed the hungry with vegan food; Lifeline which takes help calls from people about domestic violence; and Greener Pastures (an animal sanctuary).

“And that’s just me warming up.”

jamesaspeyatmantralounge2As for James’ future plans? Well, he plans to donate a kidney to someone in need to “illustrate what it means to suffer and show how incredible it is to help someone.” In addition to highlighting the extent of suffering on this planet, he hopes “to inspire others to do more for those in need. “You don’t have to donate a kidney to save a life. Three times a day we make choices that either help or hurt other Earthlings.”


James Aspey can be found at and the “24-Hour Tattoo Challenge” is on Oct. 29th, beginning at 3pm, donations and viewing,



Discerning Selects: October 11, 2016


Brave GentleMan, Advocate Loafer with Grip Sole, vegan #futureleather $299
Charm School, Vanilla Bean White Chocolate With Caramelized Rice Crisps, vegan, organic $6.99
Mister Green, Hippie Shit Parfum, cruelty-free, vegan $89
Vaute, Mark Snow Coat, recycled materials, made in NYC $348
Brave GentleMan, Italian Organic Cotton Tweed Double-Breasted Blazer, 25% off with code “cumberbatch” $442.50

British GQ Features Brave GentleMan

Brave GentleMan, the luxury vegan menswear label designed by Joshua Katcher, is featured on the cover of this month’s British GQ  magazine. Styled by celebrity stylist Kemal Harris and photographer by Jason Bell, this compelling imagery celebrates the complexity and appeal of ethical and sustainable menswear. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange, Sherlock, The Imitation Game) wears the Italian Organic Cotton Tweed Suit and black Brave GentleMan boots.

Get 25% off the iconic double-breasted Italian Organic Cotton Blazer when you enter the code “cumberbatch” at checkout at

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