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About the collaboration:

Classic New York style. Expert Portuguese craftsmanship. Superior Italian textiles.

Part of the ongoing collaboration between Novacas and Brave GentleMan, this collection features durable, classic men’s shoes that are made under fair labor conditions in the European Union. They rival leather like no other – breaking-in and aging wonderfully, and are suitable for vegans, with uppers made from biodegradable PU microfiber. Handsome both inside and out.

Brave GentleMan was started by Joshua Katcher, who in 2008 launched TheDiscerningBrute.com, a men’s lifestyle website creating discourse with an intelligent and influential audience who want to change the world, save the day, have fun, and look good doing it. The Discerning Brute and Brave GentleMan define a better man, leading an era of evolved manhood. Brave GentleMan emerged as an eCommerce platform in 2011 resulting in this exclusive collaboration with Novacas.

Shred the Streets Green

by contributor John Holden

Since 1986 Etnies has been manufacturing some of the most cutting edge skateboard shoes on the market. Now celebrating their 25th year anniversary they are continuing on that path with a new campaign BUY A SHOE PLANT A TREE. For every pair of Jamieson 2 Eco shoes sold Etnies will plant a tree in the rain forests of Costa Rica. The Jameson Eco 2 is not only a stylish pair of shoes but the out soles are made from recycled bike tires and plastic gloves while the laces are made from Pet recycled plastic bottles.


Jameson 2 EcoJameson 2 Eco

Jameson 2 Eco

Buy Shoes, Plant Trees

:myCATS Video:SlideShow JPG:Life in Technicolor:Shoe pics:Imagen 149.jpgAfter a Blizzard took over NYC,  I’m already thinking about spring. Seeing some of the styles from myCATS, how could you not wait to slip in to some of these espadrilles. Along with all of the vibrant colors you can feel even better knowing that these eco-friendly kicks are handmade and they have partnered with the organization Tress for the Future.

For every shoe sold,  myCATS will plant 2 trees in your name. These trees not only clean our air by reducing carbon emissions and fighting global warming, but also provide significant income and livelihood options for people.  Trees provide medicine, beverages, fruit, soil fertility, erosion control and even something as simple as shade can help improve the quality of life for these people.”

Keep These Shoes on Sale


Keep Shoes is cool company that produces items with innovative, fashionable styles – and in even better news,  according to their website: “All Keep products are cruelty free”. These sweet moccasin, hi-top, buffalo check and fold-down kicks, as well as many other Keep styles are available on sale for a limited time at Jack Threads at around 50% off. Jack Threads is a Member-only site, so get your invitation by clicking here.

Image 1Image 1Image 1Image 1

Apolis, Join the Club & Gilt Sale

Apolis: Global Citizen is the future of garment production – and it’s a necessary future. From Bangledesh to Nepal and Uganda, “Apolis connects developing economies to the global marketplace through seasonal stories and tracks our tangible social results… Although Apolis is heavily inspired by philanthropy, we are a for-profit social enterprise wherein our customers act as benefactors, allowing Apolis to grow as a sustainable business instead of depending on fundraising for support. We have found this model of social business to be the most valuable and effective way to accomplish our ambitious long term goals of “advocacy through industry.”

While I wish (and I find myself doing this too often) that more of the items were free of livestock products, considering the immense ecological toll and inherent cruelty of raising animals to use their skins and hairs (leather & wool), from a human-rights and labor standpoint, I still think this is a very important business model to point out. Here are some of the cruelty-free items from the website:

• 90% off at GILT MAN’s Holiday Sale! Here are some vegan jackets and blazers I’ve selected from the options. If you’re not a GILT Member, get your invitation by clicking HERE.



Join the club. Point collars and spread collars are not the only options out there. Club collars are rounded, smaller, and offer a soft but sophisticated alternative. They were popular in the first few decades of the twentieth century – and likewise, offer the wearer a subtle antique-gentleman  or dandy appeal. The shirt on the right, from Patrik Ervell, does not even require a tie. When wearing a shirt like this, it is best to button up all the way, and layer under a blazer, cardigan, or sweater-jacket. Getting sick of super-skinny ties? (me too!) The club collar is a great excuse to pull out a medium or wide, striped tie.