22 Fit Vegan Guys Crushing It On Instagram

Building a posse on Instagram can help give you a daily influx of inspiration. After we posted 13 Vegan Guys on Instagram You Should Be Following, requests came in for more! Since we could all use some motivation to eat healthier, get off our butts and build some strength, here are 22 more of our favorite fit vegan dudes to flood your feed (links below).



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Jean-Georges’ Vegetables, Printing Hair & Vegan Muscle


• It seems that the entire design world will be fundamentally changed by 3D printing technologies, and the replication of animal hairs and fibers is next. As i-D reported, one of the more advanced innovations that has a fashion application is MIT’s Cilllia project, where the ability to print incredibly dense collections of strands, like hair, as small as 50 microns will make replicating pelts, feathers, furs and hairs infinitely more realistic, and customizable. One of the more challenging aspects of making faux fur look realistic is the blunt end. Animal hairs naturally taper off to a fine point, and with Cilllia, this is possible. According to the Cilllia website, “now there is a chance that less animals will be harmed for their fur just by using the Cilllia project.”


• Neal Harden (formerly of M.O.B) will be the chef de cuisine at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s collaboration with ABC Carpet for a vegetable restaurant. According to New York Magazine’s Grub Street, the restaurant, ABCV, will open in September and “will celebrate roots and shoots and leaves without trying to mimic meat.”  



Saffron Dosa, Photo: Courtesy of ABC Carpet & Home

• According to Rise of the Vegan, bodybuilders Karl Bruder and Miles Ludlow recently took 1st place in their respective categories at WABBA Amateur Grand Prix. Ludlow has been vegan for over 6 years, and as a recent vegan, Bruder gained muscle after going vegan almost 8 months ago. Watch in November as both of these guys compete for the title of Mr. Universe!karl bruder1

Discerning Selects: August 18th, 2016


These vegan brands keep us coming back for more edgy, sleek and innovative style.
Beet x Beet  “Animal Liberation” tee $30
Bleed  Cork Backpack $181
Umasan “Asymmetrical Shoulder Yoke Shirt” $159.95
REVERIE “Rake Hair Balm” $36
Rombaut “Bass Pineapple Sneaker” $142

Milk Without Mammals

I’ve gotta be honest, I love the name. Perfect Daylike many other emerging cellular-agriculture companies, is making something that we’re used to getting from animals, more efficiently, more responsibly and –without actually using animals. The name Perfect Day is a reference to a Lou Reed song that dairy cows were discovered to be soothed by. What’s even more soothing to dairy cows? I’ll take a guess and say it’s not being forcibly impregnated and having your babies torn away repeatedly so humans can drink your milk instead.  According to New Harvest, a leader in strategies to reinvent the way we make animal products:

“Their milk is crafted without the help of a single cow. It’s not only delicious, it’s more nutritious and sustainable than factory farmed milk. And it tastes just like the real thing. Plus, it’s the perfect base to craft other beloved dairy products, like cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter.


“Using centuries-old fermentation techniques and well understood food technologies, they make dairy-free milk without chemicals, hormones, lactose, or other nonsense.”

The milk is also far more sustainable and scalable than raising dairy cattle.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.48.03 PM

What do you think? Would you drink milk identical to cows milk if it didn’t come from a cow?

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