All Our Ducks in a Row (to be hugged)

Doug Abel joins The Discerning Brute crew, sharing glimpses of pastoral life from his farm in Woodstock, New York. He and his wife Jenny Brown founded The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary where they care for rescued animals, give tours, have an Arcadian bed and breakfast, and host events. Doug is also a television and film editor who has worked on everything from 30 Rock to the Academy Award winning The Fog of War. I’m honored to have Doug as our newest contributor.

– editor, Joshua Katcher


What a joy to let a group of 27 ducks from a hoarding case take their very first dip in our pond at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary…  I knew the moment would be precious, so I had a camera ready!

Some ducks enjoying the pond at WFAS for the first time in their lives.

See the video here: