Nick from England

Dude – your website is great!! Brought a pair of Monkee Genes, “Eric” shoes and “Wewood” watch – thanks to your site! Now going to get a Matt and Nat bag! Thanks mate!”

Diana from Toronto

“Thanks for your awesome blog. I mean it. When I met my significant other, who happens to be a vegan, I was immediately charmed by his love of all living beings, and his desire to make the world a better place. However, his wardrobe choices left a lot to be desired…After a friend heard me complain about my constant struggle of trying to find my beau a decent pair of shoes, he pointed me to your site. Lo and behold, there were now hundreds of ideas to help turn my clumsy dresser into a dapper gent, while still sticking to the vegan lifestyle. Partially because of you (and a healthy dose of female persistence), you’ve helped transform a guy who wasn’t aware how easy it is to look good cruelty-free. Thanks from me (and my now dapper) gentleman.

Joshua from Brooklyn

“Hi Joshua, I Picked up a copy of VegNews today and read about you. Love your article ‘Keep Your Cool’. I am a fellow Brooklyn guy. Thanks for inspiring us not to just eat the right food, but make ethical (yet rad) choices on apparel.”

Martin from Cologne, Italy
“I just wanted to tell you: i like your blog.”