images by Spencer Kohn

As you sip, or chug (no judgement), that cocktail, wine, or beer in your hand, did you ever think about it first being a plant?

It’s amazing how easily we disconnect from what we put in our bodies.  But the truth is, alcohol doesn’t fall from the clouds, nor is there a clean, fresh mountain spring from where it was sourced.   In fact, it was a plant, rooted in soil, just like fruits and veggies bought from a local farmers market (to ensure we’re doing the best we can for our bodies and the environment, of course).

Yes it’s liquid, but like a butterfly who was once a caterpillar, we are actually drinking the metamorphosis of a grain, seed, fruit, or root.  Corn, quinoa, apple, grape, sugar cane, potato – you name it. If there is sugar present, we can turn it into alcohol, and we do!

images by Spencer Kohn

I understand.  Choosing what to eat and drink these days has become overwhelming.  It seems like constantly everything thought to be right is now wrong.  So what else to do but go take a load off, forget those worries, and have a drink?  Nothing wrong with that, well, except the load of chemical fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers that just bombed our bodies. Wine especially is of great concern. All of those chemicals sprayed onto the grapes actually become the wine and there is no way to filter them out.  That nasty headache? Not from the naturally occurring sulfites –  believe me, only a tiny percentage of the world’s population is sensitive to that. But I wouldn’t recommend vodka made from genetically modified grain sprayed with countless chemicals as an alternative…

“So now I can’t even have a drink!?”


There are plenty of incredible local, organic, and sustainable options today.  It’s as easy as a Google-search to find them.  And if you keep your eye out, I bet you’ll see at least one or two organic liquors, wines, or beers on the list.  But if you don’t, make sure to ask.  You have the buying power so don’t be shy. The more you ask, the more you’ll see!

Some will claim, “organic never tastes as good.” To which I reply, “If that were true in the past, it is no longer true today, most you will see taste better.” The Earth and your taste buds will thank you.

Check out Greenbar Collective, Puro Verde Organic Tequila, and Bluecoat Gin for some of my very favorites.